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The first weekend con mis chicas

The first weekend con mis chicas

So I slept in a little :/ had some desayuno and café and then played some games with the girls. We did some coloring, and labeling of our pictures to help Natalia with her vocabulary. Then we played the game "Heads Up" which was a bit difficult even for Celia because some of the terms were unfamiliar to her. It also proved to be difficult for me, because I would describe the word in English and a little Spanish if I knew it, and some words Celia guessed in Spanish, most of which I did not know so I would answer with a maybe! Or yea I think that's it! But the more games we played, the better it got.

Tonight we went to a barbecue at a friends house, who lives about 20 minutes outside of Madrid. Apparently they had done reparations to their home and wanted to show it off while hosting a pool/ barbecue day, or in this case night, because remember the sun does not set until almost 10 p.m.
So we arrive to the house, which is in a neighborhood very different from our neighborhood, there's houses, instead of flats, and no stores or businesses anywhere in sight. But the house and yard were absolutely beautifulllll! I wanted to sneak some pics of the inside because the decor was so stunning I wanted to steal some ideas for my own house. But I also didn't want to look crazy, so I opted for mental images. We took a tour, and each room more grand than the previous. Turns out the husband's sister is an interior decorator. Ahhh makes mucho sense! And then we spent some time in the pool. It's funny because it's always SO incredibly hot all the time in Madrid, and the water is always SO incredibly freezing.
Maybe I'm just a baby, but I'd much rather it not so cold. We played this game with a beach ball called A E I O U, if Spanish is not your first language you probably pronounced it incorrectly. The game is the name of the vowels, but of Spanish pronunciation, so AH EY EE OH UE. The point of the game is to keep the ball in the air, each time a new person hits it up, they need to say the next vowel, until getting to U, where you need to spike it at someone, because if it hits them, they get a point (and points are bad!), but if they catch it, the spiker gets the point. So we played this for a while before leaving the pool and getting ready for our BBQ dinner. So I'm not a huge red meat eater, actually I don't like red meat, really at all. I would be completely content eating chicken, turkey, and fish for the rest of my life. And chicken sin wuestos. This became sort of a joke among us, that I won't eat meat on the bone. I actually thought this joke got back to Marisol, the house keeper because one day for lunch she made chicken curry and placed a dish of it, cut up nicely on the table. I thought it was mine, but apparently she cut it up for the children (obvi, I guess 🤔) and mine was given to me on the bone. It was difficult for me to eat, but I managed to pull through haha

So during the BBQ, I ate what I thought was chicken. A it looked like chicken and B someone told me it was chicken, but my eyes and their words proved to be untrue. And after I ate the whole piece and (gasp) enjoyed it, I found out it was pork! Ok ok I guess I am able to eat some things other than white meat... But I definitely won't be making a habit out of it 😜

When we were finishing up with dinner, J was with the children in the yard looking through their telescope. He spotted Saturn and all of took a turn viewing.

Then the adults went to go sit on the patio to drink gin and tonics. I opted to hang with the children for a little. To be honest, they speak Spanish slower and thus I feel more comfortable speaking Spanish and I don't feel like so much of a burden. But once I felt like I was cramping their style, I decided to go hang with the grown ups. I was offered a gin and tonic which I gladly accepted. We stayed here until about 1:30 (kids still awake and all 😵) oh Spanish time....


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