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Waking up was a little tough. I woke up to hear Lynne talking to another one of our roomies, a girl from Kensington. We then meet our newest roomies, 2 sisters from Texas. We all get along instantly. Lynne and I shower and get ready to see some sights. We first stop at Maestro Churro, (a lovely little churro spot between Anton Martin and Sol- Definitely recommend it) which soon becomes our official breakfast spot. We had café con hielo, "French omelettes" on a croissant and churros with chocolate sauce. FYI French omelettes are eggs. Period. Nada más. So we ask for salt and ketchup. The churros were absolutely fantastic. Once we feel recharged, we walk to Retiro Park, passing the El Prado museum. It is brutally hot, as it is everyday which we have quickly come to learn. The park is beautiful! I mean exquisite. We took so many great pics and had such a great day. There were some interesting trees that Lynne had without hesitation made a comment about Edward Scissorhands having a go at them. You can see from the pics below that that's quite an accurate statement. Trying to get out of these gardens was quite a project. We tried to follow Lynne's GPS but in a park with no real street signs, you can imagine how difficult it is trying to figure out exactly where to make each turn. Luckily, we were able to make our way out (and I feel we need to say that it was this day we made our record of 18,000 steps )

Later that day, we stopped to have a quick bite at another spot in Plaza de Santa Ana. We had both been craving a mojito so that definitely had to happen, and we ordered some olives (obvi) and some calamari. They brought the calamari over with just lemon, no marinara sauce (I guess that's not a thing here 😏). But so I try to ask the waiter for it in what I think I'm pronouncing perfectly, and he brings over ketchup and mayo. Fail. But then Lynne says " I can make us a French dressing and maybe that'll taste good", spoiler- it was very good! And this was the start of me realizing how very resourceful Lynne is ...

After we went back to the room we ... You guessed it .. Had our siesta .. Then decided to go out to grab a quick cheap dinner to bring back to the hostel. We went to a sandwich joint and returned to the hostel bar with our bocadillos y papas fritas. To top off our classiest of meals, we opted for a bottle of white wine ... With plastic cups. Haha anyway after we finished, our Texan roomies came in with another friend they had met on the walking tour earlier that day. She was from Boston, and we all start talking and swapping stories of our travels. They tell us they are going to catch the sunset at Circulo de Bella's Artes terraza. That was on our list so we decided to screw having a relaxing next few hours and rush to get ready so we can leave the hostel by 9:30 .. Making it to the rooftop by 9:45, because yes that IS what time the sun sets in madrid .. So we are now with our new friends from Boston, Texas, and Philly speed walking through the streets of Madrid. When we finally arrive at the building, we are told that the terrace is closed due to a private event. Another fail. But we are all dressed up, determined to watch the sunset and now we are trying to figure out another rooftop that we can get to in the next 5 minutes. We see this spot across the street that looks NICE... Like real nice.. Like you probably need an invite to get up there.. But we are a persistent bunch, so we got up there. We take our sunset photos and order one drink each. Yes one. We were right about the "elite" nature of this place. But the staff were very friendly. The only con was that the wind going on up there was on another level. I thought our entire table was going to blow off. Oh it also took us about a year to get our "cuenta". When we finally received our check, we headed back down to normal ground and decided to start our own pub crawl. It was the last night in Madrid for our Boston crew so they were looking to get turnt. Lynne and I did not have a problem with this plan. Oh what a night this turned out to be. We hit up a tapas bar, a nightclub and then we turned the streets of Madrid into a nightclub on our walk home. All I can say is Beyonce's "I ain't sorry" was stuck in my head the entire next day. When we got back to the hostel we of course made some more new friends. Adios amigos ✌️

Posted by meg elizabeth 09:09

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