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Ok time to check in. Lynne and I are staying in a 8 bed female dormitory at Cat's Hostel. I have always stayed in hostels when I travel and wouldn't have done it any other way. But this is the first time I've stayed in a room with that large a number of people (if we don't count the time Brian and I stayed in a mixed 10 person dorm in Barcelona for a night with 8 Brazilian dudes. Brian wasn't very happy to say the least haha) but so this was new and I wasn't sure what to expect. But I know from experience that people who stay at hostels are all trying to get to know a new place while simultaneously meeting like minded people from all over the world. Therefore, there's a ginormous chance that everything is going to be more than alright. And if not, I just think of my mom's advice "even if something goes really wrong, just think BUT IM IN SPAIN!!! " haha ok so when we get to our room, there are 3 girls already in there. We had one roomie from Argentina, one from Mexico, and one from Italy. The 2 Spanish speaking girls immediately start helping Lynne and I practice our Spanish. We were very grateful. Lynne and I had to decide who was going to get a top bunk and who was getting a bottom bunk... Lynne very graciously accepted the top. Of course before realizing the oddly miniature sized stairs on the side. I LOVE YOU LEEEEEN! Thanks for taking one for the team haha I'm glad you survived it. So after checking out our new digs, we decide to stroll around our neighborhood a bit and grab a glass of vino. Ahhh then come the free olives. Lynne and I are both very excited about the alceitunes. It's about this time that the jet lag finally hits us, so we decide to take a siesta before starting our night. When we get up, we are feeling very refreshed and decide to venture for some cena (dinner). We found ourselves in the Plaza de Santa Ana. We sat in the terrazzo and ordered a cheese assortment and of course some seafood paella. The paella could have easily fed a family of 5 😳 but nonetheless it was muy rico! We then decide to go back to the hostel to freshen up and change. We went downstairs to the hostel bar to grab a drink with our roomie from Mexico, Annaith. Lynne and I were able to pronounce it correctly by the next morning. Side note- apparently Lynne is bad with names and somehow there was a Beatrice or Clarice, yet I don't think we met anyone with those names haha but this made for good laughs at least twice a day. Though I probably shouldn't talk because it was my constant asking of names that led to that discovery. We end up meeting a group from Philly, Long Beach CA and Amsterdam. We learned some Dutch. Though I think mine and Lynne's favorite was "Danku Vell". To any Dutch speakers I'm sure that's not how you spell it but it's very much so how we were taught to say it haha. Suffice to say we had many laughs. Many people we met had done the run with the bulls in Pamplona so those made for interesting stories. We decided to do the pub crawl and we had such a blast. The first bar we went to was an Irish pub 🍀 and the song that's playing as we enter is Jay-z and Alicia Keyes' "Now You're in New York". The first sight we see as we enter the back bar is this group of young girls legit belting out the chorus like they're going to lose it. Lynne smiles and says ah you girls from NY?? They reply with NOOOO IRELANDDDD! ... Lynne and I crack up and then take our complimentary shot of warm cheap tequila. We then make our way downstairs to the ladies room where we, naturally, become best friends with these Scottish and English girls. God, gotta love those bar ladies room interactions. Never fails. Any who, we end up meeting some Aussies and continue to enjoy the pub crawl. After heading to another bar, we go to a club, which was a bit overpriced and bougie if you ask me. Either way we had a cool crowd so all in all it was a good night. Buenos noches, or buenos dias depending on how you look at it 😜


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